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I believe all clients have their own skin journey no individual is the same why would our skin be different. The skin is a highly important regenerative organ with seven main functions of protection and control, ‘normal’ skin is hard to achieve and maintain. The function of the skin is affected by many factors’ lifestyle, medication, age to name a few these differ greatly therefore why pigeonhole a client to a pre-set treatment.
 I enjoy designing face treatments which become signature treatments these are usually developed from devising treatments with my clients in mind, what the majority of skin concerns are and what the general feeling is at that time but all of the products can be interchangeable the main ideology or essence of the treatment will be the same.
The signature treatments can be at one end of the spectrum to the other.
No treatment starts and ends the same what I set out to do may change during the treatment sometimes dependent on the client’s skin concerns and more essentially the ‘MOOD’. Treatments are tactile and I believe massage plays an important part in the treatment to rejuvenate the mind the senses and skin health

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