Body Radio Frequency

Radiofrequency “Skin Tightening & Fat Melting”

Radio Frequency (RF) skin tightening refers to an aesthetic technique whereby the heating of tissues using RF energy takes place. The process stimulates subdermal collagen production to lessen the appearance of loose skin and fine lines.

By heating fat cells to 40 degrees it means the contents of the fat cells liquidise and leak out from the cell – leaving a flat empty cell.

The contents of the cell are naturally disposed of by the body’s lymphatic system.

What are some of the benefits of a radio frequency treatment?

Skin Tightening

As you age, lines and wrinkles are likely to develop on your face as well as on other body parts. Radio frequency treatments can improve the look of your skin by working on the sculpting soft tissues, which are situated, within the layers of your skin. The radio frequency waves trigger the collagen tissues to produce the healing effect.

Reducing Cellulite

According to studies, radio frequency treatment can significantly reduce cellulite; this is possible since the RF treatment can eliminate excessive fatty tissues. These tissues are often found at the back side of the thighs as well as in the buttocks region.

Decreasing the percentage of your body fats

Through the heat generated by RF waves, the fat in your body will melt and eventually drain into your body for removal.

Offering a smoothing effect to patients that undergo the liposuction process

Most people that undergo a liposuction treatment procedure end up having noticeable bumps on their skin. However, courtesy of radio frequency treatment, these bumps can be eliminated altogether.

Price per session  / Course of 8 (for the price of 7)

2 x Focal Points: £40 / £280

4 x Focal Points: £80 / £560

6 x Focal Points: £100 / £700

8 x Focal Points: £110 / £770

10 x Focal Points: £120 / £840

12 x Focal Points: £130 / £875

16 x Focal Points: £150 / £1,050


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