Hydra Protecting Cream - £29.00

Multi Hydrating Cream - £34.50

Face cream with complete hydrating action for all skin types. It strengthens the skin's water reserves and protects loss of water while maintaining moisture balance.  

Extra Moisturising Cream - £31.60

Moisturising and firming face cream for dry and normal skin. It immediately replenishes the water balance of dry and dehydrated skin while helping to regain its firmness. 

Hydra Repairing Cream - £34.50

Moisturising and repairing facial cream for all skin types. It moisturises, enhances the natural regeneration function of the skin and protects from any damage. 

Retinoid C Cream - £37.50

Nourishing Cream - £33.00

Nourishing facial (night) cream for dry, normal and mature skin. It reduces appearance of wrinkles and signs of fatigue, enhancing freshness and vitality. 

Hydra Firming Cream - £37.00

Moisturising firming facial cream for normal, combination and oily skin. It improves complexion with loss of firmness and helps skin regain elasticity and tightness. 

AHA Smoothing Cream - £34.50

Facial rejuvenation cream with AHA for all skin types. It demonstrates mild chemical exfoliation properties to enhance the skin's renewal by hydrating, tightening and smoothing.

Lifting Cream - £36.50

Hydra Calming Cream - £30.00

Soothing, moisturising facial cream for sensitive and irritated skin. It moisturises and relieves inflammation and redness from the skin. At the same time preventing from environmental factors. 

Colour Control Cream - £20.00

Tinted, moisturising facial cream for all skin types. It simultaneously moisturises and covers skin discolourations and imperfections, offering brightness and an even skin tone. 

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