Hyaluron Pen

Hyaluronic Pen is a needle-free injection systems, which is specially designed to penetrate hyaluronic acid into the lips or skin.
The Hyaluronic Pen method is a new way to achieve volume augmentation of the lips, wrinkles and contour enhancement on the face, neck, decollete and back of the hand.
The whole without syringe or needle!

Treatment areas:

Thin lips

Crow`s feet at the corner of your eyes

Smile lines

Frown lines between eyebrows

Marionette lines at the corner of the mouth

Redefining lip border

Smoker lines (vertical lines on the mouth)

Some facial scars

Why is this the best enhancement option for your lips?
Hyaluronic injections without needles is the best option for your lips. Most importantly, the procedures offer the same results as lip fillers, however without pain and bruising of standard injections.
Secondly, hyaluronic acid is already  inside of your body, so is natural for your body to accept it. Finally, the soft feeling volume that hyaluronic pen treatment create inside your lips look very natural. Hyaluronic acid also attracts water to the treated area, giving it a plump and fresh look that no other filler can provide.
What is Hyaluronic acid?
Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally found in your body. Categorised as an acid, you may think it is a harsh chemical, however is actually one of the world`s most hydrating elements. High levels are naturally found in soft connective tissues and in the skin.
When hyaluronic filler is inserted into your lips, it acts as a sort of cushion to bring more volume back to them. The hydrating properties of hyaluronic acid will also attract water providing the skin, lips or treated area even more volume.
How do we use needle-free hyaluronic injections?
A high quality hyaluronic gel is inserted in an air pressured device. The process then uses high pressure to inject the filling agent into the dermal layers of your skin with no pain at all. The process will result in instant lip lift and plumpness.

Price: £150 / 1ml


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