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Male Laser  Hair Removal

Using the ‘Power of three’ wavelengths our 3D Trilogy Ice laser is the latest advanced hair removal technology. The system combines the proven benefits of three wavelengths (Alexandrite + Diode + Nd Yag all in one), achieving maximum results and versatility when compared to the single wavelength. This powerful combination of different penetration and absorption levels of wavelengths, combined with the speed of delivery, ensures that you will be receiving one of the safest and most comprehensive hair removal solutions today.
The hair can be located on your face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, chest, calves, or back. Both men and women may opt for laser hair removal simply because it’s a state-of-the-art method of hair removal that is suitable for large areas of the body as well as smaller ones. The lasers used at Lily`s Beauty are the most advanced lasers that work on all skin types.
Many people do not realize that laser hair removal is also beneficial for people who tend to get problems with ingrown hairs. By removing the hair with a laser, the hair follicle can no longer become infected. This strategy may be considered preventative, since it prevents future problems with antibiotic resistance by reducing the need for antibiotics to treat ingrown hairs.
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How it works:
3D-Trilogy Ice in motion protocol ensures safe, comfortable and effective hair removal on all skin types. Rather than exposing hair follicles the single high energy pulses the Trilogy in motion protocol works by gradually heating the dermis and damaging hair follicles whilst avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue. The Trilogy in motion protocol of moving the applicator over the treatment area quickly enables full coverage whilst the contact cooling system ensures virtually pain free and effective hair removal.
There is no doubting the evidence proving the benefits in utilising three laser wavelengths in a single hand piece which simultaneously targets different tissue depths as well as anatomical structures within the hair follicle. 
 How many Laser Hair Treatment sessions will I need?
The number of sessions depends on the treatment you require and the condition of your skin. For hair removal, multiple treatments are usually required, as the process is most effective when the hair follicle is in its active growth phase. In the life cycle of a hair follicle, there are two phases: active and dormant. The hair can be treated with laser only if the hair is actively growing in the active cycle. Treatments are necessary at 4-6 week intervals to catch the hair follicles in the active cycle. Many factors impact the efficacy of individual laser treatments, including the severity of the condition being treated.
Full body including full back and front - £750 for 1 session or £3400 for 6 sessions
Chest - £130 for 1 session or £600 for 6 sessions
Abdomen - £110 for 1 session or £550 for 6 sessions
Shoulders - £100 for 1 session or £550 for 6 sessions
Full back - £150 for 1 session or £840 for 6 sessions
Neck Back  - £60 for 1 session or £300 for 6 sessions
Neck Lower - £60 for 1 session or £300 for 6 sessions
Eyebrow Centre - £10 for 1 session or £50 for 6 sessions
Fingers / Toes - £50 for 1 session or £250 for 6 sessions
Hands / Feet - £60 for 1 session or £270 for 6 sessions
Ears - £35 for 1 session or £175 for 6 sessions
Underarms - £65 for 1 session or £310 for 6 sessions
Full Legs - £250 for 1 session or £1150 for 6 sessions
Cheeks - £40 for 1 session or £210 for 6 sessions
Abdomen & Chest & Full Back - £375 for 1 session or £1950 for 6 sessions
Cheeks & Underarm - £95 for 1 session or £490 for 6 sessions
Chest & Abdomen - £210 for 1 session or £990 for 6 sessions
Full Arms - £150 for 1 session or £700 for 6 sessions
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