Lash Lift - £40

No more lash curlers every morning or fake heavy lashes attached every month.

Lash Lift is an eye treatment based on using your own natural lashes to create a fantastic lengthening wide-eyed look that will also give your lashes a voluminous lifted appearance.

The lash lift makes your eyes appear like you have extensions on by simply enhancing your natural lash. No adhesives or additional extensions are required. The treatment truly does lift, curl, and define your natural lashes to make them look longer and fuller. For optimal safety, cream based solutions keep your eyes and their lashes healthy. 

Lash lift will last between 6-8 weeks and will look great all the time without any thought or time put into it. A bit of mascara for a WOW night time effect or just as natural for the daytime. So for those of you who prefer a low maintenance regime, a  lash lift treatment is perfect.

What Specific Aftercare Is Involved?​

While the aftercare is much less complicated than that of eyelash extensions, it is still very important to take the necessary aftercare steps and follow them as closely as possible so that the best results are achieved. Here are some guidelines to help you get the most out of your new look:

  • Water should be avoided as much as possible in the first 24 hours. This includes saunas, steam rooms, and swimming. A Lash Lift is similar to a perm and water will reverse the curling agent, leaving you with droopy, undefined lashes.

  • Makeup and other facial treatments need to be avoided for the first 24 hours so the Lash Lift has time to set. Waterproof mascara, harsh products, and eyelash curlers should be avoided entirely.

  • It is important to not touch your lashes as much as possible right after the procedure. Gentle handling of your lashes will ensure the long-term success of the treatment.

If these few simple instructions are followed, then you are sure to have great results from our lash lift service. Our technicians are also always happy to answer any additional lash care questions you may have.

How often can I have a lash lift treatment?

Depending on your natural lash shedding process, every 6-8 weeks.

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