Lip Pigmentation - Blush

£350 (touch up included)

The full lip has been a revered element of beauty in art from around the world and across the centuries. But nature doesn’t always grace us with this beauty mark and time can alter it as well.

At Lily`s Beauty lip colour is applied to the entire lip surface by the micro-pigmentation process. We then redefine the shape of the lips, if desired, correcting imperfections in symmetry or shape. We can even redesign the outline of the lips, in order to create a more desirable look. A few weeks after the procedure, touch-ups are performed, leaving you with full, gorgeous lips. 


Q: Is it possible to have a natural-looking permanent lip blush colour?
A: Yes. The lip blush permanent makeup yields the most natural results, as lip-liner tends to look very unnatural. With the help of Liliana`s skilled colour-blending expertise, the pigment shouldn’t stray too far from the original colour, in order to preserve the natural look. Lip blush looks luscious and last longer.

Q: Who is the best candidate for permanent lip blush?
A: The best candidates for permanent lip blush are individuals with naturally faint lip colour, individuals with scars or discolouration around the lips, individuals with uneven lips, those who simply want to save time.

Q: If I have a scar on my lip, is it possible to blend my colour?
A: Yes. Liliana specializes in skin camouflage and prides herself in her sharp colour-blending sensibilities.

lip pigmentation - blush