An ideal treatment for sensitive skin or rosacea, this chemical-free exfoliating treatment gently eliminates dead skin cells along with fine facial hair to reveal an immediately smoother, brighter glow. Dermaplaning is a highly specialized technique that uses manual exfoliation to remove dead skin cell buildup that leads to a lacklustre, dull complexion. This safe, painless and effective treatment renews skin and done monthly, helps to keep skin healthy and younger-looking by increasing cell turnover and minimizing skin imperfections such as scarring and hyperpigmentation.
To perform this facial, a scalpel is used to lightly remove the epidermis, as well as any hair on the face. The scalpel is scraped across the skin in light strokes, leaving behind a soft, clean, and supple layer of skin. Hair, or peach fuzz, can trap oils and dirt on the skin, causing it to look discoloured and perpetually shiny. When this hair is removed, the skin is left looking fresh and healthy.
There are many benefits to getting a dermaplaning facial. Those that are nursing or pregnant cannot get acid peel facials, for fear that the chemicals could enter the bloodstream and negatively affect the child or fetus. For these women, dermaplaning treatment is an ideal option for deeply exfoliating their skin without putting their child in harm’s way. Additionally, patients with abundant hair on their face are likely to pick dermaplaning as a first choice to remove the hair or Acid Peels. Because the external layer of skin has been removed, any treatment used afterwards will be able to penetrate the skin more effectively. For example, an acid peel that originally needs to be left on the skin for five minutes without dermaplaning. After dermaplaning may only need to be applied for a much shorter two minutes. The results of these peels also prove to be more effective when paired with this treatment.
Price: £70

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